Uplifting Opening

Uplifting Opening

June 23, 1965 is a historical day for both Ferencvaros and the whole Hungarian football. This day Ferencvarosi TC won the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup for the first and last time in the Hungarian football history. Fifty years later the Fradi Museum opens an exhibition about the victory with the presence of both Ferencvaros and the other finalist team, Juventus FC.


As published Monday night, three of the Italian team, Giancarlo Bercellino, Bruno Mazzia and Gino Stacchini, arrived to Budapest to celebrate the anniversary together with Ferencvaros.


On the opening ceremony three idols gave a speech for the crowded museum. First Mate Fenyvesi, former player, shared his thoughts:

- Since Albert had very great headers, the Italians tried to keep him on ground. For this reason we decided that I arrive to the crossings too from the right wing. Around 30 times I arrived unnecessarily but once I managed to delivered the ball to the net from Dezső Novák’s crossing. Albert was brought down this time as well and he went to the referee. Rákosi held him back and told him we scored. Then, he just said: “Alright, we can start again then.”


Following the first speech some recordings and pictures of the strike were presented for the participants with the narration of Istvan Hajdu B. On behalf of Juventus Stefano Braghin said a few words:

- We would like to express our gratitude for being here, for participating on this beautiful ceremony. I received supporting messages that I will pass on to the management in Torino. Seeing the old pictures and recordings I know now what feelings this victory generated for Ferencvaros. Both Ferencvaros and Juventus went through beautiful and much tougher periods. I hope however, that the clubs will meet soon in one of the European cup finals.

Finally, Pal Orosz, CEO of FTC Football Ltd., shared his thoughts:

- The ICC victory in 1965 is the biggest victory in the history of the Hungarian football. Then Ferencvaros belonged to the European football elite. Today it is a little bit different, as Juventus played a CL-final, while we participated yesterday on the draw of the EL qualifying rounds. Maybe it is not the elite we want to reach but rather a strong middle level. Everything is given at Ferencvaros for this. The youth teams won gold medals, the women’s football team won the cup and the championship, while Thomas Doll’s team finished second in the league and won the Cup and the League Cup. We take thorough care of our history, which gives us the strength needed for our current fights.

The exhibition opened today is a must for all football fans, since it is focused on an incredibly unique success in the Hungarian football history.