Legends’ visit

Legends’ visit

June 23, 1965 was a historical day for Ferencvarosi TC and the whole Hungarian football, since this was the day when Ferencvaros won the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup (today known as Europa League). This year the club celebrates the 50th anniversary of the triumph: the Fradi Museum prepared with a new exhibition and the club invited players from ours opponent, Juventus.


Giancarlo Bercellino, Bruno Mazzia and Gino Stacchini arrived to Budapest Monday afternoon to celebrate the anniversary together with the legends of Ferencvaros.


- It is great pleasure to be here, we are glad for not being forgotten and receiving an invitation to such a great event. It’s been many years but we are still sad about losing that final –said Giancarlo Bercellino.


- However, Ferencvaros was a great team that won the series after a remarkable strike. I really appreciate how the club treats its legends and it feels great to be here now – added Bruno Mazzia.


After his mates’ anecdotes Gino Stacchini had a hard time to reflect upon the final, but had some stories to share.


- In 1959 we played against the Hungarian national side where there were many Hungarians who we would never like to forget. Matrai, Varga, Fenyvesi and Albert are all players who everyone should have seen. Albert earned special respect in Italy since he won the Golden Boot on the World Cup 1962. It was always tough to play against Pal Orosz and Lajos Tichy or players like Puskas, Czibor and Budai. The final was not very good for us, we suffered a defeat, but it is great pleasure to be here and to meet players from the match.