Legends and Hallows

Legends and Hallows

The shortest night of the year the Night of Museums is organized in Hungary. On this occasion hundreds of museums offer discounted or free entrance to their exhibitions.

For the first time in our club’s history the Fradi Museum, museum of the most popular and successful club in Hungary, also joined this event. The visitors can see the Golden Ball of Flórián Albert, the Silver Boot of Tibor Nyilasi, the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, today known as Europa League, the Hungarian Cup, won this year after 11 long years, and many other hollows that present the outstanding history and success of Ferencvárosi TC.

To participate in the Night of Museums and visit many museums, you need to purchase only one bracelet for 1.500 HUF, for students (6-18 years) only 900 HUF, and for kids under 6 free of charge. The Fradi Muzeum will open its gates at 10.00 that day and closes at 2.00 AM June 21st.

Do not miss this event, come and see our exhibition!

Night of Museums
Opening: June 20. 10.00
Closing: June 21. 02.00